About Us

The Anderson Foundation, the Boston University Culinary Arts Program, and the Pierre Franey Memorial Fund are collaborating to offer your grade 1-12 students an opportunity to explore a culture through its cuisine at Boston University.

Anderson Foundation

The Anderson Foundation is a private, non-profit operating foundation founded in 1988. The Foundation’s purpose is to “provide educational, cultural and literacy support for children and young adults residing in Massachusetts and elsewhere, including but not limited to providing said support for children and young adults in emerging nations through collaborative programs.”

The Anderson Foundation supports and funds the following initiatives:

Cooking Up Culture

Cultural Series at the Abington Public Library

Cultural Series at the Vineyard Haven Library

Boston University Culinary Arts Program

The only one of its kind in the country, Boston University's full-time culinary arts program is taught entirely by working chefs and experts in the food industry. The goals of this program are:

  • To introduce students to the various disciplines of gastronomy
  • To expose dedicated culinary students of all ages to the best professional chefs and teachers in the world of cooking
  • To train students in the basic classic and modern techniques and theories of food production
  • To introduce students to various cultures and cuisines

Learn more on BU's Web Site | Read an article about CUC in the BU Bridge

Pierre Franey Memorial Fund

The Pierre Franey Memorial Fund was started at Boston University in the 1990's to honor the memory of chef and food writer, Pierre Franey. In the late 80's, early 90's Pierre had a cooking show on PBS where he worked with his grand children and it proved to be one of the most requested and popular shows.

In keeping with the spirit of the show, the monies raised in the Pierre Franey Memorial Fund are used to offset expenses related to children's cooking programs at Boston University, namely the Cooking Up Culture program. Yearly dinners were initially held at Maison Robert with guests such as Julia Child and Jaques Pepin in attendance.

Since the closing of Maison Robert, the dinners have been held at Lumiere in Newton. For further information on the Pierre Franey Memorial Fund, please contact Rebecca Alssid at Boston University. ralssid@bu.edu