About our Kids Cooking Classes

These cooking demonstrations provide your grade 1-12 class or youth group with the unique opportunity to...

  • See the foods being prepared in the Boston University demonstration kitchens
  • Learn about the ingredients, including herbs, spices and other seasonings
  • Learn about the culture and how the cuisine came to be

Following this, a lunch consisting of the prepared foods is enjoyed by the students.


The goal of Cooking Up Culture is to further human understanding through the medium of cuisine. This connecting thread through all humanity IS not only an enjoyable educational tool, It IS a necessary one.

Understanding and education breed tolerance and acceptance, so necessary today in our ever-changing global community. To achieve this end and to maximize the Cooking Up Culture experience the following are recommended being taught prior to arriving at Boston University: A basic familiarity with the country (i.e. location, capital, etc.), climate, geography, and history as well as a few words of the language.

As well as being able to celebrate the cuisine of a country or region, we can provide a focused study highlighting certain subject areas such as The History of Bread, New England colonial cuisine, Cheese making and Seafood of the Atlantic. We will try our best to custom design a program to meet your classroom's needs.

The Chefs

Chefs that have taught Cooking Up Culture include: Ingrid Lysgaard, Raymond Ost, Stan Frankenthaler, Dwayne Minier, Nawal Nasrallah, Chris Merlo, Daniele Baliani, Ruth-Anne Adams, Ana Sortun, Shaun Chavis, Deborah Hansen, Robyn De Luca and Helen Chen.

Dates and Times

Please check the calendar for available dates. Additional dates may be added as classroom availability is confirmed.

Time - 10:30am to 12:30pm - Other times may be available upon request.

To participate, please complete the application form and submit at least 6 weeks prior to your requested date. Dates and times are limited; therefore it is advised that you get your application in as early as possible. No more than 3 dates may be reserved per school.


  • Smallest group size allowed for programming is 20 (not including chaperones)
  • Largest group size allowed for demonstration/lecture is 60 (including chaperones)
  • Largest group size for 1st grade classes is 30 (not including chaperones)
  • 20 participants to 30 ($300)
  • 31 - 40 ($350)
  • 41 - 60 ($425)

Guidelines for Chaperones & Participants

Download the Program Guidelines

Largest group size allowed for demonstration/lecture is 60 (including chaperones)

Smallest group size allowed for programming is 20 (not including chaperones)

Classes of first grade students are limited to 30 (not including chaperones)

Only students attending the program in grades 1-6 shall receive an apron. Chaperones do not receive aprons but aprons are available for a donation of $10.00. Please make the check payable to the Anderson Foundation. Please alert chaperones of this prior to their arrival at BU.

Any allergies need to be addressed at least 2 weeks before the program. In our attempt to represent the cuisine of the country as best as possible, we sometimes may not be able to meet individual student's personal dietary restrictions i.e. vegetarian, kosher etc. We never use peanuts or peanut products.

Unless a student has a food allergy or requires a special diet, they should not bring lunch to the program to eat in case they don't like what is being served. By doing so, it seems that one is missing the point of the program.

We also request that students not be allowed to go to the vending machines to buy sodas and snacks to eat during the demonstration.

Children and chaperones are expected to be on their best behavior during the demonstration.

The Foundation reserves the right to stop the program at any time due to misbehavior on the part of the students or chaperones.

Payment for the program is due on or before the day of the program preferably in the form of a check payable to Boston University. Cancellations (outside of snow days/inclement weather) must be received at least one week prior to the date scheduled. Last minute cancellations will incur a $100 fee to cover materials already ordered

Please bring only the necessary number of chaperones to provide adequate supervision. The budget for this program is for student participation.

Please do not bring cell phones to the demonstration. If you must have a cell phone, please turn it off prior to entering the classroom.