Kids-4-Kenya WorkbookKids-4-Kenya was started in 2008 as a way of educating children about Kenya, getting them involved, and providing the resources to help. K4K collaborates with Growth Through Learning to send scholarships to Kenyan girls, providing school fees, uniforms, books and supplies.

Get the Book!

The Kids-4-Kenya workbook is a 32 page, full color workbook for teachers & students to use in their classroom. It's free! You just have to give us a call.

Use Our Resources!

Go on-line to download donation forms, exercises, quizzes, and recipes for your class. See videos that explore the public education system, and Kenyan girls' success stories. Get a listing of books related to Kenya. You can also find the books in libraries near you. And, much more!

Do a Fundraiser for East African Girls!

Growth Through Learning sends sponsorships to Kenya every year. $400 a year keeps a girl in school by providing school fees, uniforms, books and supplies. It teaches her to read and write in English and in her own language. It gives her the skills she needs to teach her own children to add and subtract, to understand ideas, to strive for a better future. You can help Growth Through Learning by raising money to sponsor a girl. All it takes is a little determination.

Finish with a Cooking Class at Boston University!

Apply for a cooking class in Kenyan cuisine for your class.