Take a look at many of the recipes taught entirely by working chefs and experts in the food industry. These recipes may give you an idea for your next Cooking Up Culture class!

Ancient Greece with Dwayne Minier

Argentina with Chris Merlo

China with Robyn De Luca

Cuba with Dwayne Minier

France with Chris Merlo

Ghana with Robyn De Luca

Greece with Dwayne Minier

Japan with Robyn De Luca

Spain with Deborah Hansen

Hawaii with Stan Frankenthaler

Denmark with Ingrid Lysgaard

France with Raymond Ost

Hopi with Stan Frankenthaler

Hopi with Dwayne-Minier

Iraq with Nawal Nasrallah

Italy with Chris Merlo

Italy with Daniele Baliani

Middle East with Chris Merlo

Morocco with Ruth-Anne Adams

Morocco with Ana Sortun

The Deep South with Shaun Chavis